5 things you need to be doing in 2020

How many times have you started a new year with big goals and plans — only to feel overwhelmed, burnt out, and then worst of all… feeling like a failure for not accomplishing, well, anything?

Most times it’s because we choose goals that are TOTALLY impractical. Either we’re not well-informed or are unrealistic about what it really takes to accomplish them. 

Here are my top 5 things you need to be doing in 2020 to get on track toward making and meeting your goals for an all around kick ass year. 

2020 WILL BE OUR YEAR. Cheers to a NEW decade!

1. Use a budget regularly to map out financial goals and spending.

Quite frankly, this is the one piece of advice that is super difficult to put into action!

If you’re like me, understanding and planning personal finances is terrifying. That’s why I partnered with a financial advisor and my accountant sister to create this amazing downloadable budget just for you!

Plug in your monthly income and spending and this spreadsheet will do the rest. Magic!

2. Talk to a professional.

Whether it’s a life coach, career counselor or therapist, talking to an expert about your life is game changing. The idea you have to figure out big decisions or struggles all on your own is such an old way of thinking.

Talking to a professional instead of a family member or friend will give you a totally new perspective. You can get expert advice from someone who’s unbiased and not emotionally invested in your life. It’s also a really savvy way to expand your network and get in touch with people you may not have been able to access otherwise.

Look into your insurance options or free community or school resources. You’ll be surprised how many options are out there!

3. Less FOMO and more YOLO.

This is something I wish I embraced sooner — especially in my college years. And it’s still just as relevant now.

Sometimes it feels like there’s always a celebration or event happening. God forbid if you didn’t go, you’d totally miss out! Right…?


If you’re feeling pulled in every direction and your social calendar is causing you more stress than good, take a moment to step back and reflect on your priorities. Put your passions and work first!

Or, if your FOMO takes shape as not being included in certain things, reassess your friend group or community. This can be one of the hardest and most difficult things to do. Nobody likes feeling excluded but if your “friend group” leaves you feeling unsupported or second-guessing your self-worth, you need to make a change.

4. Stop saying yes to sh*t you don’t want to do.

There are ways to politely decline projects or events that don’t work in your best interest. Whether it’s simply because you don’t want to do something, or you don’t have the time, energy or resources — it’s your call!

Don’t compromise your mental health or wellbeing by constantly saying “yes.” Constantly being busy isn’t a badge of honor. Quality work and results is.

Ways to say no:

  • “Although I’d really love to help, I don’t think I can give enough attention to dedicate to this project at the moment.”
  • “Thank you for thinking of me! I’m unable to commit to your offer at the moment, but please reach back at _____ time.”
  • “Although I can’t support you specifically with _____, I can help by connecting you to other resources or someone who might be able to help.”
  • “No, thank you.”

5. Stop waiting, start doing.

This is something I’m constantly battling. I’m the kind of person who spends so much time planning, creating lists and considering all the “what-if” scenarios in my head BEFORE taking a jump and getting started.

All this inaction just wastes time, causes anxiety and is overall counterproductive toward accomplishing your goals.

Set reminders, weekly or monthly check-ins and hold yourself accountable to a timeline. But also be realistic about the lists and goals you set for yourself. Do your research, talk with others in the field. Try to figure out what it REALLY takes to check something off your “goals list” before writing it down.

What are others to add to the list? Comment your thoughts and let me know!

December 8, 2019

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