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Episode 04: From Never-ending Work Week to Jetting Setting the Globe

On this episode we hear from Alle Pierce, Emmy-award winning journalist, travel content creator and founder of Alle Abroad. She’s traveled to more than 30 countries and started her own brand after feeling burnt out and unfulfilled in her career. Fast forward to now and you’ll find Alle creating destination guides and travel videos in cities and countries you’ve never heard of. Literally, #goals.

She’s also the host of Cliquish, a digital showcast that shares the stories of successful female entrepreneurs and content creators and teaches you how to monetize your platforms.

 In our conversation we break down her takeaways on growing authentically on social media, plus her travel tips and favorite countries!

“You need to decide what woman you’re going to be in this industry. Are you going to be someone who sees someone else’s success as an attack on your success? Or, are you going to look at someone else and say, ‘Wow, let me help her, build her up, and let me learn something from her, ask her questions, find out how she got to where she is.'”

Alle Pierce, @alleabroad

Building your community takes time

  • Show up for your community.
    • Alle says the key to success on social media is all about consistency. If you tell your audience you’re releasing new content, DELIVER IT! Alle’s audience can expect a “Travel Tip Tuesday” and “Social Media Saturday” post every week.
  • Provide value to your audience.
    • What are you offering that sets you apart? Whether it’s unique videos, photos or thoughtful captions — your audience should be able to distinguish your feed from the next.
  • Create genuine connection.
    • Consider your followers as actual people and NOT a number. If you had those people together in a room with you, how would you talk to them?

TOP 3 COUNTRIES: South Africa, Greece, India

Alle’s Travel Tips:

  • The #1 most important thing: Stick to a budget!
    • Things can get out of hand pretty quickly when you’re eating out for every meal, paying for unexpected baggage fees and transportation. Give yourself some wiggle room for those unexpected charges and shopping sprees!
  • Consult a travel advisor for international travel
    • Shameless plug for Alle’s company buuut she says this is a way to have a travel expert help plan your trip so you can pretty much guarantee you’re staying, seeing, experiencing the best in a new city. This is especially helpful for when you’re traveling internationally!
    • A travel expert like Alle gives you advice for new countries and cities you’re unfamiliar with and can help you navigate stressful situations like cancelled flights or hotels. Plus, travel advisor’s usually have connections with airlines, hotels and tourism organizations for custom perks!
  • Get a travel credit card
    • Alle suggests Chase Sapphire for bonus points on flights, hotels, etc.
  • Sign up for TSA Pre Check and Global Entry
  • Don’t post photos in real time!

January 8, 2020

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