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When I imagined what my 20s would look like, I pictured movie-worthy moments from Sex in the City and Friends. I realized life actually turns out to be more like a blooper reel... *cue horrible dates, fake friends and scary bosses.* 

After dealing with a few plot twists, I threw out my impractical story board for life and created this brand. My goal is to change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together through the tough sh*t we go through in this defining decade. 

sarah trott

podcast host, content creator,
founder, fhtw

My goal is to be honest about my personal hardships and share those of inspiring, successful women to comfort and connect with others.

grow through what
you go through.

a girls guidebook to the twenties.

podcast launching january 2020.

I was told the decade of my 20s would be
the best time of my life. 

To be fair, that's partially true.  But what they didn't teach me in school was the whole part about being stressed with first jobs, dealing with crazy bosses, how to save and spend money, understanding how to cope with loss and mental health... meanwhile figuring out how to navigate friends, sex, dating. YOU NAME IT. 

I’m 23 and I’ve already been through my fair share of  hardship and heartbreak.  But I know I'm not the only one! That's why I’m hearing from boss women who have been through tough sh*t and back and are sharing their wisdom FOR YOU. 

Follow my journey as I learn from female hustlers, CEOs, financial advisors, health and wellness experts and all around INSPIRING women on what they wish they knew before embarking into the chaos of their 20s. 

...well, a half-lie.

the idea to create 
From here to Where
all started with a lie.

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