"it isn't where you came from, 
it's where you're going that counts."

ella fitzgerald

When I imagined what my 20s would look like, I pictured movie-worthy moments from Sex in the City and Friends. I realized life actually turns out to be more like a blooper reel... *cue horrible dates, fake friends and scary bosses.*

After dealing with a few plot twists, I threw  out my impractical story board for life and created this brand. My goal is to change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together through the tough sh*t we go through in this defining decade. 

the idea

Previously: TV Anchor and Reporter at
ABC News Channel 3 & 
CBS Local 2 in Palm Springs, CA

Morning Anchor, Entertainment Host & MMJ at KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO 

media personality & founder

sarah trott

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office manager

ashleigh morris


My mission is to start honest conversations and hear from inspiring women on the things that aren't easy to talk about. You know, the stuff nobody teaches you in school?!

Whether it's talking about finances, mental health, relationships, or career uncertainty  -- there's plenty of other women going through similar hardships and struggles across the world. But together we can share practical strategies and advice, AND create a network of bad ass women. 

Who better to hear from on these topics than some of the most interesting, inspiring, and POWERFUL women. 

Together, we got THIS girl!

you CAN sit with us


As a former TV reporter and anchor my instinct is to ask questions, share stories and connect my audience in both the struggles and joys of the human condition.
 After stepping back and reflecting on my passions and priorities, I decided to use my journalism skills to pursue new ventures in empowering and uniting women in the struggles of this defining decade. 

My goal is to be honest about my personal hardships and share those of inspiring, successful women to comfort and connect with others.

happening now


I came to a major crossroads after quitting my job in TV news to become a caregiver for my father in his fight with ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease. For as long as I can remember, this job seemed like my biggest dream and end goal. 

For someone who always planned to put a career first, this was a huge decision and transition for me to make. At the same time, I struggled to find other young women going through similar difficulties. I couldn't find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through. 



my story

Career Successes & Failures, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Finances,
Mental Health, Loss, Trauma Recovery
Sex, Relationships
& Healthy Living 

Honest conversations released weekly 
on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Launching January 2020.

main topics

class of 2018

I am so glad I booked by 2018 senior session with So CoCo! Their team made me feel so comfortable and beautiful throughout my entire session! Book them today! 

joy elizabeth williams

class of 2018

My session with So Coco Photo Studio went so smoothly and I had an absolute blast! Not to mention, my images turned out beautifully!

Sara rose Harrington

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The Quarter Life Crisis Explained

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